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U-Shaped Silicone Baby Toothbrush


Different from the traditional toothbrush, our toothbrush are a unique U-shaped brush head , which can brush and clean the teeth in 360 degrees,specially designed for children’s tender and sensitive teeth.Perfectly achieve three-sided fitting of teeth and gums to help effectively clean teeth. Multi-layer bristles design give teeth full protection.

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12 in stock

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Product Details

  • Item: U-Shaped Silicone Baby Toothbrush
  • Gender:Children,kids
  • Color: as the picture
  • Material: silicone
  • Food-grade material, soft rubber brush head, environmentally friendly and sanitary material, no odor, very bright and tough U-shaped brush head is suitable for children’s tooth structure and can be used to clean teeth
  • Cute cartoon appearance
  • 360 degree cleaning
  • Food grade silicone material

Use Method

  • Toothpaste shake one-shake
  • Squeeze toothpaste into the groove on both sides
  • Shake the toothpaste before use
  • Left, center, and right on both sides of the brush head
    Ensure that the extruded foam is uniform
    Position squeeze musi toothpaste
  • Swing left and right to brush your teeth repeatedly
    Hygienic cleaning of flushing brush head After brushing your teeth, flush your toothbrush to keep it clean


  •  1pc toothbrush
  • Product type: Baby Toothbrushes

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